hV0SMLIx6LANot long ago I had my first shot taken. Many think like “What’s the reason for taking a vaccine shot?” I say: of you do not want your pet to get ill after a walk or talking to other pets outdoors, you have to get your pal vaccinated. My owners took good care of me and made a preliminary vaccination schedule.

How do dogs behave in vet clinic? I was rather calm until that Dachshund told me how painful the shots were. I guess it was just afraid itself and hence spooked all mates around. Shots were not painful but thanks to my owners who were there with me to support. There is one more thing to know. Never let your dog take a shot with someone other than you around! We need not just human assistance but rather the attention and support of those who are our family! And the last thing: before making a shot, make sure the pet doesn’t have allergy to the substances that the shots contain.

That’s all for today, folks!

Saturday, December 26th, 2015


Hello! I was absent for long time cause nothing in particular happened.

Today I got my first shot – I mean got vaccinated. I had to sit in a queue… I haven’t been so nervous for long time… Even the first night at new home was far more calm. A chocolate Dachshund sitting near secretly told me that I should take off as the shots are painful. Take off my tail! The vaccination was smooth – it wasn’t as black as it was drawn by that hot-dog. The shot was success. Me, mom and Yasya went straight home afterwards. I guess this is it – the only interesting thing that happened during the week.

My feeding

Feeding me and my kind properly is one of the most influential routines. I mean, feeding shapes our canine behavior. Improper, unscheduled feeding regime makes us behave bad. This is why you should pay thorough attention to this short passage.

Here’s a short list of rules on how to feed dogs:

  1. We should eat from our own bowls. Practically, every dog must have its own bowl.
  2. Dogs are fed right after all human family members have finished their meals.
  3. We are not good with table scraps.
  4. We should eat only after commanded and allowed doing so.
  5. Before giving us the command to commence, check our teeth.
  6. If we don’t like the kibble or want diversity in our diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change it. No! The kibble and the type of food should be changed in case we show allergy reaction only! And only after the pet doc tells doing so.


Monday, December 21st, 2015

How are you, folks! Today I’m staying with my granny Natalia. Yasya, my owner, she went to school and mom is at her job… I had nothing much to do during the day but once the sunset was past I saw another dog in the house! When I stare at it, it looks back at me! When I do something, it repeats me!  Man, that’s something…terrifying, I’d say. Lucky me, mom came back later that evening and took me away from the impostor.

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

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Hi there! Today I understood that my owner is not a toy and she should never be bitten. When I started to land my teeth on her, I was shown my toy instead and I immediately ceased biting Yasya.

Oh yeah… I found a box! It turned out to be very comfy. I really adore getting inside it – it kinda feels cool. Humans say that we dogs, eventually forget everything. I don’t want to forget my parents! Let these pics of them hang in here!

Saturday, December 19th, 2015


Howdy! It is my first day in a new home. It turned out that my proprietress prepared well to my arrival. Now I have a spacious house, toys, an outfit and lotsa other stuff. I’ll speak about it a bit later. When my paws hit the doorstep first, the idea to explore the house thoroughly hit me right away. After that I decided to take a nap on an ottoman but my joy was short – I was taken into my own spot where I slept all day long.


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My full name is Happiness Tail Nice. But everybody calls me Happy! I’m a hunting breed – the Beagle. However, I’m more a companion then a hunter. It’s because I love people. I was born on October 24th, 2015. My zodiac sign is Scorpio. I’m a very cute and kind dog. My owner’s name is Yasya and I love her very much! I’m very-very happy with the family that I live with.